Wheel of Fortune


A small, relatively recent Krewe founded upon the friendship of Ava Martel and Phillip Thomas Honeycutt, and including Father William Dyer and Abigail Jones. The group’s overall mythos is a fusion of tarot symbolism, particularly the trumps, and biblical theology, provided by Ava and William respectively.

It is thought by the Krewe that the world began a cycle in the biblical Genesis, represented by the Fool, Arcana #0, and ended it with The World, or the deaths of all its members. The rebirth of these individuals as Sin Eaters, bounded with a Geist, represents a second Fool card. The beginning of a new cycle. A new genesis.

The end of this new cycle is something not yet known, but is thought to involve an ultimate destiny based around the dissemination of a great truth to others like them. Until that time, they busy themselves in gathering information, searching for this truth, and actively removing obstacles preventing souls from passing on to their ultimate reward or punishment, as appropriate. These actions themselves are guided by a set of tenets particular to the Krewe, most important of which is that willful ignorance is not acceptable. Information is to be treasured, but also shared freely and not hoarded for one’s own benefit. Also of import is the avoidance of murder, the killing of another without significant reason, and an avoidance of influence upon the underworld, which is not their domain in which to meddle.

The Geists which have bound themselves to these Sin-Eaters are both underworld guides and tarot symbols in one. The Hanged Man, Justice, the Hierophant, and the Hermit, Charon and Vergil, all represent, yet cannot fully define these entities. As they led their Sin-Eaters back from the underworld into the land of the living, so too will the aid in the passing of other troubled spirits.

Wheel of Fortune

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