A Cold Wind is Blowing

The festival

A lonely boy snaps out of a fugue, finding himself somewhere much colder than he thought he was. Not even given a chance to get his bearings, the crowd around seems to disjoint, barely sharing his same reality. except for three figures, who begin to pursue him. The wheel of fortune, a local krewe, somehow takes not of this weird tableau, coming to the boy’s help. getting him away from the pursuit, realizing the boy was a fledgeling sin-eater with no knowledge of what he was, so, they took him into the krewe. On their way back to the haunt, Father Dyer notices an odd sensation, of being able to focus on certain points in the crowd. Forcing himself to look at the oddity, and bringing it to Phil’s attention, the person, who other than the difficulty looking at him, incredibly non-descript, mutters something about a malfunction in the machine, a cascade failure spreading into the reality. Dyer and Phil are able to subdue him, while the crowd just still ignores them. Taking the person to the hotel and binding him, as they prepare to interrogate, nothing happens.

Or rather, nothing happened. At all. Phil racks his brain, “That couldn’t be right. Something happened. Something had to happen.”


Gamble_Kuma GrinningCoyote

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